2015 Colorado Music Festival Orchestra to be announced soon.

Colorado Music Festival Chorus information coming soon.


2014 Colorado Music Festival Orchestra

Calin Lupanu, Concertmaster | Charlotte Symphony, Concertmaster
The A.J and Carolyn Grant Chair

Joseph Meyer, Associate Concertmaster | Louisiana Philharmonic, Concertmaster
In memory of Charles & Jeanne Mahaney

Sunho Kim, Acting Assistant Concertmaster | Kansas City Symphony, Assistant Concertmaster

Mary Ellen Goree, Principal 2nd | San Antonio Symphony, Principal
The Mary & Lloyd Gelman Chair

Karen Pommerich, Assistant Principal 2nd | Jacksonville Symphony
The TK Smith & Connie Holden Chair

Monica Boboc | Charlotte Symphony
The Victoria Marschner Chair

Dominique Corbeil | Wichita Symphony
The Jacquie & Andrew McKenna Chair

Carol Chung | North Carolina Opera

James Finegan | Delaware
Symphony Orchestra

Leslie Frey | Phoenix Symphony, Assistant Principal
The Coal Creek Brokers Chair

Emily Glover | Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra
The Glenn Lenzen & Elizabeth Dodds Chair

Tessa Gotman | North Carolina Symphony, Assistant Concertmaster
The Anne Goudvis & David Johnson Chair

Steven Hakel | Freelance

Eunice Keem | Dallas Symphony

Alison Mah-Poy | L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
The Jane Allen Chair

**Stacy Markowitz | Richmond Symphony
The Sacha Millstone Chair

Erica Miller | Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Principal
The Glen Klepinger Memorial Chair

Jarek Polak | Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Associate Concertmaster
The Arthur Lieb Chair

Ann Okagaito | Vancouver Symphony
The Jan Burton Chair

**Yinbin Qian | Civic Orchestra of Chicago

**Annie Rabbat | A Far Cry
The Steve Brett & Linda Shoemaker Chair

Anastasia Storer | San Antonio Symphony

Aimee Toomes | San Antonio Symphony
The Aleta & Alden Sherman Chair

Svetlana Tsoneva | Freelance

Lisa Vaupel | Delaware Symphony, Principal
The Anne & Donald Burke Chair

Elizabeth Vonderheide | Virginia Symphony, Assistant Prinipal

Jim Wallenberg | Toronto Symphony
The Charles, Kathy, & Elise Minter Chair

**Shannon Farrell Williams, Principal | St. Louis Symphony
The Christopher Mueller and Martha Whittaker Chair

Christine Grossman, Acting Principal | Kansas City Symphony, Principal

Kimberly Sparr, Assistant Principal | Richmond Symphony, Assistant Principal

Mark Deatherage | Phoenix Symphony, Acting Principal

Nicole Feryok | Wichita Symphony, Assistant Principal

Elizabeth Jaffe | Delaware Symphony, Associate Principal
The Jane Houssiere Chair

Bruce Owen | Louisiana Philharmonic, Assistant Principal
The Lee & Palmer Carlin Chair

Valentin Ragusitu | Toledo Symphony, Principal
The Nurit & Jim Wolf Chair

Borys Smolaga | Shreveport Symphony, Principal
The Margot & Christopher Brauchli Chair

**Bjorn Ranheim, Principal | St. Louis Symphony
The Polly & Mark Addison Chair

Gregory Sauer, Acting Principal | Tallahassee Symphony, Principal

Jon Lewis, Acting Associate Principal | Charlotte Symphony, Associate Principal

Peter Lorenzo Anderegg | Phoenix Symphony, Assistant Principal
The Manning Family Fund Chair

Natasha Farny | Suny Fredonia

Guy Fishman | The Handel and Haydn Society, Principal
The Michael J. Maloy, CFP, LLC Chair

Morgen Johnson |San Antonio Symphony

**David Morrissey | Calgary Symphony
The Harold & Joan Leinbach Chair

Ryan Murphy | San Antonio Symphony
The Dale Meyer & Carol Grever Chair

Lee Richey |Freelance

**Susan Yun |Colorado Symphony
The Deborah & Steven Clem Chair


Sarah Hogan, Principal | St. Louis Symphony|
The Ferd and Louise Grauer Chair

Kirby Nunez, Assistant Principal | Honolulu Symphony, Principal
The Joan & Paul Lavell Chair

David Crowe | Boulder Philharmonic, Principal

David Deriso | Saint Louis Symphony
The Velma Froude Memorial Chair

Mark Foley | Wichita Symphony, Principal
The Daniel Sloan Chair, in Memory of Bruce Curtis

Owen Levine | Freelance

Jean Posekany | Bijou Orchestra
The Jane Elizabeth Henry Chair

**Tyler Shepherd | Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera, Principal
The Sharon & Ralph Dalebout Chair

Viviana Cumplido, Principal | Phoenix Symphony, Principal
The Patricia L. Johnson Chair

Regina H. Yost, Assistant Principal | Charleston Symphony, Assistant Principal
The Richard & JoAnn Crandall Chair

Laura Dwyer | Santa Fe Symphony
The Diane Barbour & David Coward Chair

Olav Van Hezewijk, Principal | New Haven Symphony, Principal
The Peter & Helen Weil Chair

Monica Fosnaugh, Assistant Principal | Detroit Symphony, English Horn

Marta Boratgis | New Haven Symphony
The Joyce P. Thurmer Chair


Louis DeMartino, Acting Principal | Assistant Professor of Clarinet, University of   Oregon
Steve Hanusofski, Acting Assistant Principal | Phoenix Symphony

Michelle Montone Campbell | Freelance
The Terry & Jenny Cloudman Chair


Glenn Einschlag, Principal | Buffalo Philharmonic, Principal
The Becky Roser & Ron Stewart Chair
Joseph Grimmer | Naples Philharmonic, Principal
The Gerald & Doree Hickman Chair

**Shawn Jones | San Francisco Ballet Orchestra
The David Brunel & Stacey Steers Chair

Adam Trussell | Oregon Symphony

Amy Jo Rhine, Acting Principal | IRIS Chamber Orchestra
The Avenir Foundation Endowed Chair with additional support from The Collins & Reid Chair

Andrew Karr | Acting Associate Principal | Florida Orchestra
The James Alleman & Barbara R. Miller Chair

Christopher Dwyer | Jacksonville Symphony
The Melissa Mahaney & Mike Shull Chair

Kristi Crago | IRIS Orchestra

Deb Fialek | Richmond Symphony

Jeffrey Work, Principal | Oregon Symphony, Principal
The Joan & Paul Lavell Chair

**Eric M. Berlin, Assistant Principal | Albany Symphony, Principal
The Harry Belgian Memorial Chair

Derek Lockhart | Acting Assistant Principal Bijou Orchestra
The Gale & Sandy Dunlap Chair

Stephen Madancy | Sarasota Orchestra

Donna Parkes, Principal | Louisville Orchestra, Principal
The Anne Luce & Bill Guinther Chair

Michael Hosford, Assistant Principal | Sarasota Opera, Principal
The Denise McCleary Chair

Louis Bremer, III | Freelance, Collingswood, NJ

Steve Campbell, Principal | Minnesota Orchestra, Principal
The Stuart Wright Chair

Peter Wilson, Principal | Harrisburg Symphony, Principal
The Sophie & Jack Walker Chair

Michael LaMattina, Principal | Dayton Philharmonic, Principal
The Jerry & Vern Davidson Chair

Gerald Scholl, Assistant Principal | Wichita Symphony, Principal
The Dodi Nesbit Chair

Christopher McLaurin | Kansas City Symphony, Principal

Darcey Timmerman | Sarasota Opera


Andrea Mumm, Acting Principal | Charlotte Symphony, Principal

Vivienne Spy, Principal | San Antonio Symphony
The Kassoy & Fuchs Family Chair


Lisa Vaupel


Stephanie Wilson

** denotes 2014 year off


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