Private/Semi-private Lessons

Weekly private lessons can be arranged for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  For some instruments, it is possible to arrange semi-private lessons through consultation with the Student Services Office.

You may begin lessons at any time during the year. It is the student’s responsibility to have an instrument.  The registrar can advise students about various rental options, including our instrument bank which operates on a sliding scale. If you are new to private lessons or are changing teachers or instruments, a paid, three-week trial lesson period is offered to ensure you are matched appropriately with the instrument and/or instructor.


All students enrolled in private lessons have the opportunity to:

  • Perform in studio, department, and school-wide recitals and community performances
  • Utilize practice rooms and performance spaces
  • Receive discounts to concerts throughout the year

Our instructors are a diverse group of skilled, dedicated music educators and professional performers who share a strong belief in the pure joy of making music.  They hold degrees from leading university and conservatory programs throughout the country and abroad and are experienced in working with students of all ages and abilities.  Click here for short biographical information about our faculty.

We offer private instruction in the following areas:

Banjo – Dusty Rider
Bass (upright and electric) – Byron Dudrey
Bassoon – Brian Jack, Kaori Uno
Cello – Anne Brennand, Marcelo Sanches
Clarinet – Dave Camp, Mary Jungerman
Flute/piccolo – Dave Camp, Whitney Kelley, Ysmael Reyes, Olga Shylayeva
French Horn – Devon Park
Guitar – James Cline, Michael Quam, Rick Pruitt
Harp – Carolyn Kuban
Oboe – Kim Brody
Percussion – Carl Dixon
Piano – Christine Armstrong, Katie Couch, Nayantara Desai (on leave for the Winter/Spring 2014 term), Barbara Grout, Ksenia Ilinykh, Amanda Setlik Jones, Faye Nepon, Deborah Schmit-Lobis, Olga Shylayeva, Alejandro Sierra
Saxophone – Dave Camp, Mary Jungerman
Theory/ Composition – Nayantara Desai (on leave for the Winter/Spring 2014 term), Deborah Schmit-Lobis
Trombone/Baritone – Danielle Chollet
Trumpet – Margaret Romero
Tuba – Cheri King
Ukulele – James Cline, Michael Quam
Viola – Kat Fritz, Ruth Galloway, Nancy McNeill
Viola da Gamba – Ann Marie Morgan
Violin – Kat Fritz, Ruth Galloway, Nancy McNeill, Sarah Murray, Kathryn Killian Vovk
Voice – Rachel Fetler, Faye Nepon, Alejandro Sierra

Suzuki Instruction

Cello – Anne Brennand
Flute – Whitney Kelley
Guitar – Rick Pruitt
Violin – Kat Fritz, Nancy McNeill, Sarah Murray
Piano – Christine Armstrong, Barbara Grout, Amanda Setlik Jones

Private Lesson Tuition: 30 minutes – $27 | 45 minutes – $37 | 60 minutes – $50
Lessons scheduled before 2:30pm Monday – Friday receive a 10% discount.


Semi-private lessons

Vocal, instrumental, theory, and composition lessons may be taken in groups of two to four students of similar ability. After two terms, it is recommended that students enroll in private lessons.  Scheduling arrangements will be coordinated among students and faculty through the Student Services Office.

Semi-Private Lesson Tuition: 45 minutes – $45 | 60 minutes – $55
Note: These rates are the total cost per lesson. The cost is divided among students.

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