Music Therapy Programs

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved Music Therapy Program.

 Individual/Group Therapy Sessions

After an assessment by a highly trained music therapist, goals are met by engaging clients in a variety of musical training including improvisation, imagery, listening, performance, and movement.  Sessions address client functioning in the areas of communication, behavioral, psychological, motor, cognitive, academic, social, emotional, and life skills.  Contact the Student Services Office for information about scheduling sessions with a board certified music therapist.

 Group Music Therapy

These groups are for children or adolescents struggling to increase resilience as a result of trauma, a struggle with mental or behavioral health, or an attempt to cope with addiction.  Participants have the opportunity to target personal social-emotional goals through the experience of interactive music-making.  No prior experience or skill is required of members who are given the opportunity to create music in a way that is co-creative and collaborative.  The content is built around the musical responses and needs of the members.  Activities and techniques such as improvisation, song-writing/composition, and lyric analysis offer an opportunity for engagement and relatedness with both the therapist and the other members of the group in an effort to increase self-awareness, self-regulation, communication, problem-solving, group cohesion, and self-expression.

 Ages:  5-8, 9-12, 13-17 | Day: Fridays | Time:  3:30pm-4:15pm or 4:15pm-5pm | Fall:  September 6-October 11 (6 classes) October 18-November 22 (6 classes) | Winter:  January 10-February 14 (6 classes) | February 28-April 11 (6 classes) |Spring: April 18-May 23 (6 classes) | Tuition: $180/session | Instructor: Maria Gonsalves Schimpf

ASD Groups (formerly Music Performance Group for Autism)

Through fun musical games and activities, these classes will address important skills such as problem solving, perspective taking, conversation skills, and social pragmatic abilities.  No more than 4 students will be enrolled in each class.  Instructor Amanda Bryant (MT-BC NMT) is a board certified music therapist who specializes in autism, and is a service provider through Imagine!,  North Metro Community Services, and DDRC.  A conversation with Ms. Bryant is required to discuss goals and learning styles before placing a student in any of these programs.

Social Skills/Music Jam Group 1 will focus on intermediate level, age-appropriate, social and pragmatic skills related to conversation skills (interpreting both verbal and nonverbal cues), changing topics, shifting attention between speakers, perspective taking, prosody, social negotiation, and, of course, friendship building!

Social Skills/Music Jam Group 2 will focus on emerging social/communication skills and increasing social engagement in general.  Skills emphasized include social attention, group participation, greetings, questions/answers, paired play, turn taking, and non-verbal or emerging verbal skills.

Piano Skills/Music Theory Games Group will address musicianship skills and navigating social and communication skills through theory games and piano performance for students who are interested in beginning level piano and music.  Piano instruction will be adapted to fit the learners as they challenge themselves at their individual level.  Each class will involve piano play as well as music theory games with peers to address social and behavioral goals in a fun, group setting.

Ages: 8-14 | Day: Thursdays | Time: 3:15-4:00pm or 4:15pm-5:00pm | Fall: September 5-October 10 (6 classes) October 17-November 21 (6 classes) | Winter: January 16-February 20 (6 classes) | Spring: March 6-April 17 (6 classes) April 24-May 29 (6 classes) | Tuition: $180/class – divided among the participants | Instructor: Amanda Bryant

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