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CMF Host-Home Program Information


Founded in 1976, the CMF educates, entertains and challenges audiences of all ages by presenting classical music performed by extraordinary professional musicians from around the world. CMF brings 80 professional musicians to Boulder every summer for 6 weeks to perform in our orchestra and… they need a place to live!

To host one of our professional, classical musicians you do not need to spend one penny. All you need is a spare bedroom and bathroom in your home. You do not need to be there for part or all of the summer. These are not student musicians, there are professionals from orchestras around the country and the world. We are not looking for tour guides, baby sitters, or personal chefs, only space and a welcoming attitude!!!

This program is extremely successful. Almost all of the hosts we have matched with a musician in previous years have asked to be part of the program again in subsequent seasons. Many become close friends with the musician they host. They enjoy hearing the musician practice in their home and appreciate having a personal connection to someone onstage when they attend concerts.

Letter From an Experienced Host
We hosted a double bass player from the Czech Republic for three summers. We became great friends during those summers. We keep in touch throughout the year…Not only did this experience benefit Leslie, our aspiring violinist, but (his) music brought such joy into
our home… We would highly recommend this program to any family.

This summer our musicians will be in town from June 23 to August 10. Some do come for shorter time spans but most of our needs will be for the entire festival. Many will practice in their host home, though we do honor requests for instrument preferences or allergies. If you would like to sign up for this unique opportunity please fill out our questionnaire below. This step is not a commitment, it simply gives us more information about you. We will contact you in the coming weeks to discuss the possibilities. You will always have a chance to talk with any potential matching musician on the phone prior to committing to hosting him or her. If you would like more information feel free to contact Orchestra Housing Manager, TK Smith at or call 303-530-1172.

Housing Questionnaire






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