Suzuki Education

Music is the language of the heart without words. – Dr. Suzuki

“If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.” -– S. SUZUKI

The Suzuki method was developed by the Japanese violinist/educator Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in the 1950s.  The method focuses on violin onlylistening and technical skill development through positive reinforcement and repetition, in much the same way that one learns to speak.  Through his work, Dr. Suzuki proved that all people, even young children, have the ability to learn if they are raised in a supportive and enriching environment.  Students range in age from three years to adult.

The Suzuki philosophy emphasizes the importance of nurturing the student’s musical growth through a variety of approaches, including family participation and community music-making.  Parents/caregivers of younger students are actively involved in their child’s lesson and continue to work with their child at home between lessons, thus becoming the “home teacher.”  Suzuki families are required to participate in weekly individual lessons and monthly group classes that are arranged by age and ability.  Special interest workshops are occasionally offered to supplement group classes.

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Required First Lesson- Required Parent/Caregiver Education
Because parent/caregiver involvement is a fundamental component of the Suzuki structure it is very important that they have some basic information about the program.The first lesson for each NEW Suzuki student is a required Paid Parent Orientation. Parents or Caregivers only. Contact the SSO with questions.

Suzuki Group Classes
Suzuki group classes reinforce concepts and repertoire introduced in private lessons. Depending on the level of the group they may include pre-Twinkle songs, instrumental position games, an introduction to note-reading, and/or review of the Suzuki repertoire in an ensemble setting. Students enrolled in Suzuki lessons are required to also enroll in the appropriate group class. The tuition will be added to your registration.

Cello – Anne Brennand,

Guitar – Artem Vovk, tbd.
Piano – Barbara Grout and Dr Amanda Setlik Jones, Saturdays:
Tuition: Fall ­– $. Winter/Spring – $

Violin – Mondays or Saturdays

Fall Term:
Winter/Spring Term:
Tuition:  Fall – $.  Winter/Spring – $.


Fall term:
Winter/Spring Term:
Tuition:  Fall – $.  Winter/Spring – $.



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